Types of tremor

There are many different types of tremor that affect people in different ways. The table below shows the different types and characteristics.

Type of tremor


Rest tremor
  • Tremor which occurs when the muscles are not being voluntarily moved.
  • Normally when the limb is moved, the tremor will weaken or disappear.
  • Like all tremors, it will get worse when stressed or anxious.
  • Rest tremor is quite separate from other tremors. It is most commonly found in Parkinson's disease.
Action tremor or kinetic
  • A tremor which occurs when the limb or body part is being moved. 
Postural tremor
  • Found when while maintaining a position such as out stretching your arm.
Kinetic tremor
  • Occurs when moving a body part.
Intention tremor
  • Tremor becomes worsens when the limb is guided to move towards a particular body part.
Task specific 
  • A tremor which occurs only with specific tasks or activities. 
  • An example of this is primary writing tremor, which occurs mainly when writing.
Idopathic dystonic tremor
  • It occurs in conjunction with dystonia.
  • Dystonic tremor can affect multiple body parts. Most commonly affected are the hands, head and occasionally voice.
  • Dystonic hand tremor is also described as “Writer’s cramp”.